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Project software 

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What inspired us?

In times of great complexity, abundance and high speed, the real challenge is to omit things you don't need.  

What have we left out?

Complex usability, overloaded masks, slow reaction times, difficult-to-understand reports and one or the other function that we thought was unnecessary. 

Why do we leave something out at all?

We think it's more important to have a tool that everyone understands right away and that is fun to work with than a software that can do anything but no one wants to work with. 

smenso Cloud combines powerful project management features with the ease of modern cloud software. Use instantly - without introduction effort and without training.


Project management software 

for the digital workplace


Do you know these situations?

I don't have an overview of all my

projects, what's their status?

Why is there so little communication in my project? 

There's so much know-how in this project, how can I use it properly?

We have so many Excel tables, which
one was the current version again?

Where can I get up-to-date project data for my reports?

Professional PM software is so powerful, it's definitely just for experts, isn't it?

What are the risks in my project? What drives up the effort?


Classic, agile or waterfall?

Visual planning of tasks in a project is the key to acceptance and ease of use. Our workflow of project tasks guides the way through the project, so that no task is lost.


Forget complex Gantt charts

How many times have you struggled with Gantt schedules and still haven't got the result you wanted? Leave complicated scheduling tools behind and start with our timeline. Editing a schedule has never been easier and as beautiful as with smenso Cloud. 


Status update in no time

Status updates have never been easier. No more time-consuming queries from team members. With collaborative team work in smenso Cloud, you can create an up-to-date and accurate status report quickly and efficiently.

Best of all, the status report will not be published until you want to share it.

The status update is reflected in the portfolio in real time - you can't publish information any faster.


Smooth out the workload, please

Everybody knows how complex resource management is and how many times we have already lost the battle against the tool!

It doesn't have to be a fight... with smenso Cloud you can see which resources have to do what and when and resolve conflicts directly via drag & drop. Visual display, groupings, and filters help you not to lose the overview. 


Use the audience joker

Didn't it happen to you, as well? You think your project is going according to plan, all traffic lights on green? But after an advanced period of time, a huge problem arises, which puts the project at great risk. And the teammate says: "Sure, I've known that all the time, but nobody listens to me!" Seems like it's time for feedback with smenso Cloud.


Find documents with artificial intelligence

Imagine you're in a meeting, taking a photo of the flipchart, and saving the image in the app. What would you say if you could search for the handwritten words? Or if you could browse content in Office or PDF files? Or if you could take pictures of a construction site and could later look for pictures that contain a construction crane?


Achieving goals better

Projects are not only measured by the deadline, but also by whether the costs have been met. With smenso Cloud you always have an eye on the target performance comparison of costs and can reliably achieve your goals.








Connect the tools 

that you love

Accelerate your workflow and connect your existing business apps to smenso Cloud. View your SAP data, post status updates in Slack, or integrate the entire Microsoft world with Teams.


Cloud software - made in Germany

We are developing smenso Cloud exclusively at our location in Pforzheim. In doing so, we rely on the cutting-edge technologies of Microsoft Azure. We Azure!

We host your data in the secure, carbon-neutral, and GDPR-compliant Microsoft Cloud (Microsoft Azure) in Europe. For more information, please visit the website of Microsoft Azure.







GDPR compliant



...and so much more!

The easiest way to get work done efficiently and transparently. 

Give feedback, your vote counts

The team's feedback on the project situation, appointments or milestones is extremely valuable. What is the mood in the team? Are the right skills available in the project? Is it clear to everyone what the aim of the project is?

Whether you are a team member or a project manager - your vote counts!


Templates for your projects

The simplest software is even easier if you can use templates. In smenso Cloud, predefined templates for a wide range of project cases and use cases are available. Of course, you can also create your own - for even more freedom and efficiency.


Sometimes it doesn't take much to integrate the relevant data from the existing SAP system into the PM process. With our SAP Framework, we offer various out-of-the-box connections from SAP.

Available on request.

The easiest SAP integration


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